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Gemty Clear 2 ml.


AED 122.00

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Gemty Clear – a transparent gel without a residual tack for nail design.

  • Can be used together with pigments, dusts, paints, as well as for creating spectacular combinations with Naildress and Charmicon stickers
  • Requires no alternated polymerization between design application stages
  • Thick paste-like consistency holds the shape well, does not run on the nail plate
  • No degreasing required
  • No overlapping required
  • High gloss
  • 7 free; cruelty-free


  • Gemty Clear does not allow to create a 3D gel when mixed with EMPASTA (for this purpose, it is necessary to use the gel Liquid Stones);
  • Keep away from diffused ultraviolet;
  • Keep away from daylight lamps;
  • Store closed, even during the work;
  • Do not take the material straight from the jar when working.

It can be used combined with pigments, dusts, paints.

If the consistency is too thick, then it can be thinned using E.MiLac Top Gel Tackless.

Facilitates the work in such techniques as Reptile, Liquid Stones.

Polymerization time: 2 minutes in any lamp.

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