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Set EMPASTA Fall in Love


AED 699.00

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  • Fall in love every day. Sensuous shades will give your look an innocent and romantic touch.
  • Feeling like falling in love. Captivating collection of shades from rich saturated red, pink, powdery to brown, violet, and lilac will give your look a slight touch of carelessness and state of being in love.
  • Juicy color palette of 6 bright and dense shades for creating textures and bas-relief designs.
  • The set with 6 jars x 2 ml is an excellent opportunity to try and create harmonious combinations with all the shades from this collection at once.
  1. Apply E.MiLac Top Gel on a prepared nail. Polymerize.
  2. Make some designs with a thin layer of Empasta.
  3. Polymerize for 2 minutes in any lamp.

! Empasta does not require overcoating with the top gel.

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