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Satin rub-in #207


AED 128.00

In stock

  • Satin play of colors. Delicate, subtle glow of pigment for a sophisticated E.Mi-manicure.
  • Exceptional combinations. Unlimited possibilities for combining the pigment with gel polishes, camouflage base gels, and different textures.
  • Handy packaging for work and storage. A tight cap protects the pigment from spilling.
  1. Apply the Top gel Tackless on dried gel nail polish. Work with each nail one by one. The top coat should be staid warm while the pigment is rubbing.
  2. Polymerize for a short time: LED/CCFL – 30 sec, UV – 1 min.
  3. Rub-in the pigment.
  4. Apply the Top gel Tackless.
  5. Polymerize 2 min in any lamp.

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