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Pigment Gold #203


AED 145.00

In stock

  • Pigment Gold #203! Gold E.Mi-manicure Gold shimmering.
  • Pigment helps to create unusual and bright E.Mi-manicure with gold effect. Unique texture.
  • Flake-like particles of pigments perfectly cover nails, making wonderful reflective effect and excellent shimmering texture.
  • Individual design. Unlimited opportunities of pigment combinations with different textures. Convenient package to work and store.
  • Stiff cap prevents pigment from scattering.
  1. Apply the Top gel Tackless on dried gel nail polish. Work with each nail one by one. The top coat should stay warm while the pigment is rubbing.
  2. Polymerize for a short time: LED/CCFL – 30 sec, UV – 1 min.
  3. Rub in the pigment.
  4. Apply the Top gel Tackless.
  5. Polymerize for 2 min in any lamp.

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