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Pigment Brilliant #198, 1 g.


AED 145.00

In stock

  • Stylish Brilliant E.Mi-manicure Unique texture! Ultimate particles of pigment perfectly cover nail plate, having brilliant shimmering and reflective effect.
  • Economical consumption! 1 tub is for 80 clients! Individual design! Unlimited opportunities of pigment combination with different colours; unique shimmer in every colour.
  • Easy to apply! Pigment is rubbed-in polymerized Top Gel Tackless (LED/CCFL 30 sec, UV 1 min.) using a dry tissue.
  • Convenient package to work and store! Stiff cap prevents pigment from scattering.
  1. Apply the Top gel Tackless on dried gel nail polish. Work with each nail one by one. The top coat should be staid warm while the pigment is rubbing.
  2. Polymerize for a short time: LED/CCFL – 30 sec, UV – 1 min.
  3. Rub-in the pigment.
  4. Apply the Top gel Tackless.
  5. Polymerize 2 min in any lamp.

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