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Nail art kit Velvet Sand


AED 200.00

In stock

  • Innovative material to create designs in Velevet sand technique.
  • The E.Mi Velvet sand, penetrating EMPASTA or E.Mi gel paint, strengthens the construction and lets a perforation on the top coat of gel paint, so it has a view of a velevet cover.
  • Velvet sand is transparent and adjusts the colour of the paint you cover on.
  • It’s very longlasting. Hands with velevet design, even made with white sandcan be washed thouroughly.
  • Set contains: Velvet sand material – 30 gr., a brush for delicate sand remove, a special sticker for sand covering, a plastic container for sand keeping.
  1. Prepare the nail plate. Apply E.MiLac on a natural nail plate or a gel paint on an artificial nail.
  2. LED/CCFL lamp – 1 min, UV lamp – 2 min.
  3. Cover second color layer
  4. Fill up with sand. Cure in any lamp for 2 min.
  5. Brush the rest of sand.

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