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Combi Manicure

This course teaches the Russian manicure/ dry manicure using a drill machine and drill bits, as well as treating the cuticle area using the combined technique. Strengthening natural nails with overlay and seal the free edge area allowing the natural nails to
grow and become stronger, it's an ideal solution for people with an active lifestyle


3 Days


10 AM - 5 PM


For begginers and practing nail masters

Combi Manicure

  • Theoretical nail anatomy, skin anatomy, introduction to gel polish and gel system, understanding of nail types and cases
  • Using drill machine and various drill bits for manicures and quick and safest gel polish removal
  • Combi-manicure technique for cuticle removal using the machine and nippers
  • Shaping the nail with the one drop technique, with no to minimal filing
  • Using nail forms to extend broken or unequal Sized nails
  • Sealing natural nails and applying gel polish Gel system overlay
  • Under-cuticle application for longer wear
  • French and classic gel polish application; Including semitransparent pigment rub in technique
  • Reduce the duration of your current gel polish procedure and get lasting results