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What makes EMI Brand Base Gel essential for nail technicians?
EMI Brand Base Gel stands out due to its high-quality ingredients, providing superior adhesion and strength. This ensures long-lasting, chip-free nails for clients, reducing the need for frequent touch-ups. Its easy application and quick curing time make it a practical choice for busy nail technicians, allowing for efficient salon workflows. The versatility of this base gel makes it suitable for a wide range of nail types and nail art designs, enhancing creativity in nail services.
EMI Brand Nail Extensions are renowned for their quality materials, combining acrylic and gel for durability and flexibility. Their ease of application is highly valued by nail technicians, adhering well to natural nails and adaptable for various nail shapes. These extensions are versatile and customizable, allowing nail artists to create personalized and innovative nail designs. Additionally, the safe, non-toxic materials used in these extensions ensure client safety and comfort.
EMI’s exclusive nail polishes are formulated with high-quality ingredients, offering vibrant, long-lasting, and chip-resistant finishes. Their quick-drying formula is ideal for intricate nail art designs. The range of unique, trendsetting colors caters to diverse preferences and styles. Moreover, the non-toxic nature of these polishes assures safety for both nail professionals and clients. EMI’s reputation as a trusted brand further solidifies their nail polishes as a reliable choice for exceptional nail art.
Absolutely. EMI Brand Base Gel is incredibly versatile, making it an excellent foundation for various nail art designs. Whether it’s classic French tips or more bold and colorful designs, this base gel ensures a consistent and high-quality finish. Its ease of application and compatibility with different nail types make it suitable for a wide range of artistic expressions in nail art.
Using EMI Brand products, such as their base gel, nail extensions, and exclusive nail polishes, allows nail technicians to deliver superior quality services. These products enhance the durability, aesthetics, and creativity of nail designs. The brand’s focus on safety and quality ingredients also adds to the professional reputation of the technicians. By incorporating EMI products, nail technicians can attract a broader clientele, provide standout services, and build a strong professional reputation in the competitive nail industry.
EMI gel polishes are known for their premium quality, offering lasting shine and durability. They are perfectly compatible with UV/LED lamps, providing a salon-quality finish every time. The polishes are renowned for their vibrant colors, long-lasting wear, and flawless application. The range of EMI gel polishes includes a wide variety of colors and finishes, ensuring there is something to suit every style and preference.
The EMI gel polish system includes a step-by-step process for achieving the perfect manicure. It starts with preparation using a special cleanser and Ultrabond, followed by the application of E.MiLac Base Gel for adhesion. The sculpting gel is used for nail shape correction, and the chosen E.MiLac color is applied in two layers. Finally, E.MiLac Ultra Shine Top Gel is used to protect the color, with each layer cured under a lamp.
EMI’s Gel System stands out due to its innovative combination of nail modeling and color coating stages. The system is designed for both ease of use and durability, ensuring long-lasting, stunning nail transformations. EMI’s dedication to using the best raw materials from Europe, South Korea, and the USA, along with its commitment to environmentally conscious manufacturing, further enhances its uniqueness in the market.
Yes, EMI gel polishes are suitable for both professional and home use. They are designed to be easy to apply and cure, making them a great choice for salon professionals and individuals who prefer DIY manicures. The versatility and user-friendliness of EMI gel polishes make them ideal for various settings, from professional beauty studios to personal home use.
The EMI gel system offers numerous benefits over traditional nail polishes. Its longevity and durability are significant, with manicures lasting up to four weeks without chipping. The system is also formulated with safety in mind, being free from harmful chemicals. Furthermore, the ease of application and removal ensures that nails remain undamaged, and the variety of colors in the EMI gel palette allows for rich color payoff and diverse design options.

EMI stands out due to its commitment to innovation, quality, and education. We provide comprehensive solutions for nail professionals, setting new industry standards.

The brand specializes in a wide array of nail care products, including primers, base coats, gel polishes, top coats, and a variety of tools for nail care professionals. Emphasizing unique character and high-quality production, the brand caters to both aesthetic appeal and professional requirements. It ensures a hygienic manufacturing process with strict quality control, aiming for waste reduction and continuous product development to meet customer desires and legal standards.

The EMI-manicure system is designed for creativity and self-expression, offering a diverse range of products such as Ultra Strong Nail Polish Gel Effect in various colors, Natural Force Nail Strengthener, and different types of top coats like Matt Top Coat Gel Effect. The system’s versatility allows for a wide array of nail art designs and techniques, encouraging individuality and artistic expression in nail care.
The brand’s Gel Polish System, known as emiLac, includes products for adhesion, modeling, and protection. This system is unique because it offers a variety of top coats with different finishes, a sophisticated application process that is both quick and elegant, compatibility with various nail art techniques, and specialized products like Slider Top Gel. Additionally, it features products that don’t require lamp curing and have air-drying top coats, adding convenience and versatility for nail technicians.
The Nail Therapy System, comprising ARGAN POWER, VITAMIN COMPLEX, and KERATIN SERUM, offers a comprehensive approach to nail care. ARGAN POWER strengthens and nourishes the nail plate with essential vitamins and argan oil. VITAMIN COMPLEX is tailored for thin and weakened nails, enriched with vitamins for nourishment and prevention against delamination. KERATIN SERUM creates a protective layer, with keratin and plant extracts moisturizing and fortifying the nail structure. Together, these components promote healthy nail growth and protect against common nail issues.
Argan Power, a key part of the Nail Therapy System, is rich in Argan oil and essential vitamins like A, B, C, and E. These ingredients work synergistically to strengthen the nail plate, increase hydration, prevent brittleness, and promote healthy nail growth. Vitamin A enhances flexibility and prevents delamination, Vitamin B boosts growth, Vitamin C improves nail structure, and Vitamin E nourishes and adds shine. This combination effectively nourishes and strengthens nails, ensuring their health and vitality.

Enrolling in EMI’s nail courses is easy! Visit our website and explore the courses that suit your needs. You can register online and start your journey to nail care excellence.

Absolutely! EMI is proud to offer cruelty-free nail care solutions that prioritize safety and quality.

EMI Academy offers courses that cover the latest trends in nail care, from manicures to nail design. Expect expert guidance, hands-on training, and the opportunity to master your craft.

Join the EMI community on our social media platforms, attend EMI events, and participate in online forums. It’s a great way to connect with fellow nail enthusiasts and professionals.

Since 2011, under the leadership of Ekaterina Miroshnichenko.

Absolutely! They do not test on animals.

A whopping 20 different languages.

No, they have salons in 33 countries and are still growing.

It’s advisable, especially if you’re new to the field. Even if you have some knowledge, a basic course can fill any gaps.

While nothing beats in-person training, many reputed institutions offer effective online courses, especially with the advent of AR and VR.

Most basic courses last a few weeks, while advanced ones can go up to several months.

Regularly, ensuring that the content always reflects the latest trends in the industry.

Both are types of artificial nails, but while acrylics are made by mixing a liquid and powder, gels are “cured” under UV light.

Typically, every 2-4 weeks, depending on nail growth and the type of manicure.

Absolutely! With the nail care industry booming, the returns on investment can be substantial.

While Emi’s Gel Effect Polishes are optimized for use with Emi’s Fast-Curing LED Lamp, they are compatible with most LED lamps on the market. For optimal results, we recommend using Emi’s Fast-Curing LED Lamp.

Emi’s Gel Effect Polishes prioritize nail health and are formulated to promote nail strength and integrity. When applied and removed correctly, they do not cause damage to natural nails.

Emi’s Fast-Curing LED Lamp dramatically reduces curing time, and most gel effect polishes can be cured within 30-60 seconds, depending on the brand and thickness of the layers applied.

Emi’s Gel Effect Polishes are designed for natural nails and not recommended for nail extensions. For extensions, we recommend using Emi’s specialized nail extension products.

EMI is dedicated to setting industry standards, empowering nail technicians, and fostering creativity in nail care. Our mission is to provide comprehensive business solutions for beauty service providers, while our vision focuses on being the ultimate nail resource for professionals. Our core values include a commitment to design-focused innovation, efficiency, premium quality, client loyalty, collaboration, and reliability.

Selecting the right nail course at EMI involves assessing your career goals and interests. EMI offers a wide range of courses, from basic manicure and pedicure to advanced nail modeling and design. Visit our website to explore the options and find courses that align with your professional aspirations and skill level.
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Elevate your at-home beauty rituals with products that promise unparalleled luxury. Why settle for less when perfection is within reach? Discover now and indulge.

Beauty Beyond the Salon

Elevate your at-home beauty rituals with products that promise unparalleled luxury. Why settle for less when perfection is within reach? Discover now and indulge.