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Technical Nail Courses

Emi Courses

Become a Master Nail Technician

Fueling nail technicians with efficiency and productivity to provide the highest quality services to clients. Students also learn how to shorten the application time by as much as four times!







This intensive yet comprehensive course allows you to add a little something extra to your manicure menu, offering fast and long-lasting results for clients. You will learn:

  • Use the E.Mi hard gels to master advanced extensions
  • Create long and complicated shapes such as stiletto
  • Understand the care required for unusual nail forms
  • Perform professional extensions using products from the E.Mi gel system

perform classic beauty treatment with powerful, patented technology.

  • Using a SMART disc for long-lasting results in just a 20-minute treatment
  • Safety, hygiene, and proper sterilization
  • Technique variations for skin type and foot condition
  • Troubleshooting the most powerful technology for pedicures on the market

The two most popular nail extensions gel and polygel techniques, this program allows you to combine the benefits of both systems for flawless modeling and long-lasting manicures. It includes guidance on:

  • The fundamental theory and architecture of nail extensions
  • Signature techniques on how to provide an individual approach to each case
  • Repairs, corrections, and various cases
  • Decorative coating

From the elegant edge to the razor-sharp stiletto and the advanced Russian almond, this nail course teaches you to craft some of the most complex shapes in the industry. Discover how to:

  • Master advanced extensions 
  • Create long and complicated shapes 
  • Understand the care required for unusual nail forms

Pipe Nails Modeling

Ideal for experienced enthusiasts and professionals alike, this nail tech course offers insight into advanced nail architecture. You will learn:

  • Intricate pipe modeling worthy of competitions
  • How to create strong C curves 
  • How to preserve strength in this striking nail shape

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