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Art courses tailored for success

Inspiring nail technicians to express style with signature art techniques. Launch a successful career in the nail industry. Advanced programs for top nail masters







Get creative with our favorite nail art course for beginners, which helps you transition from basic compositions to more detailed designs. Find out how to:

  • Create simple to complex freehand compositions 
  • Achieve effortless fashion looks in a matter of minutes
  • Work with silicon stickers, liquid stones, nail sliders, glitters, chromes pigments, and much more
  • Produce premium finishes and lasting results
  • Master hottest nail trends

A manicure course for the glamorous at heart, this training teaches you about special 3D techniques created using E.Mi Nailcrust, Nail-Jeweler, and Fresh Boom. You’ll figure out how to:

  • Create beautiful Baroque-style nails and 3D lace
  • Add 3D figures and accessories, work with various textures and nail art products
  • Create velvet and satin effects 
  • Fashion stunning floral ornaments, abstract designs, and state of the art monograms for bridal manicures

Add the beautiful whimsy of watercolor to your talents with this technicolor nail technician course, with effortless techniques ideal for beginners and seasoned beauticians alike. Discover more about:

  • Creating show-stopping watercolor nail art 
  • Using stencils and freehand methods to craft complex designs with ease 
  • Intricate transitioning techniques for a flawless finish
  • How to build on watercolor compositions with other elements

Learn to create dreamy designs with one of the most exciting nail courses available. This master modeling course includes the inside track on:

  • Creating advanced nail art using plasticine, similar to the acrylic flowers techniques 
  • The secrets behind working with plasticine 
  • Sculpting and molding in combination with modern nail art 
  • Experimenting with unique and artistic techniques

One Stroke Painting

Those short on time can benefit from our one-stroke painting course, an essential nail design course for busy technicians and enthusiasts. It covers:

  • The fundamentals of creating One Stroke painting art 
  • Achieving various floral designs with simple to complex techniques
  • Everything from elaborate florals, rose buds to Lilacs and poppies

Bring ancestral art into the present day with this one-of-a-kind training program, which allows you to emulate beautiful folk-style handicrafts with detailed floral designs. Learn how to:

  • Use the original stroke application method to create intricate Zhostovo nail art
  • Create two types of rose, both classical and from the back view
  • Craft beautiful blooming poppies 
  • Add additional artistic elements, including camomile and cinquefoil

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